About us

We share a unique relationship with our jewels. We can be elegant, timeless and downright fabulous and much more with them. Sometimes, they do the talking before we do.. At Zeeya, we believe in building unique relationship, while making it a memorable journey along the way. We are also of the belief, that just as we evolve, so do our jewels and the bond we share with them. We put together beautiful collections of sterling silver, cubic zirconia and moissanite polki jewellery that is bright, flirty and girly. Our collection is eclectic combination of sleek feminine designs with a lot of options for customisation. Each one of our precious pieces are hand crafted to your satisfaction.


Brining a stunning range of jewellery for the lady on the move! Whether you are headed for a destination wedding, a corporate retreat, gifting or a luxury vacation – the Zeeya range comes in handy even while you travel and is your perfect baggage buddy – always ready to make you look your shinning best. Even if you lose it, it doesn’t matter.


For orders/curiosity write to us at : zeeyaluxuryjewellery@gmail.com

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