Repair & Care Information


Should you need to have your Zeeya Luxury Jewellery repaired, please do contact us via email at

We will repair any jewellery purchased through within 2 months from purchase date. Items purchased through other retailers must be returned for repair to the store where the item was purchased.

Please note that we may not be able to order certain components needed for repair of order items.

All Zeeya Luxury Jewellery products are handmade and request a high level of craftsmanship not only for production, but also for repairs.

In order to assure the quality of repairs, please kindly note that we handle repairs exclusively in house by our artisans.

Repairs might take anywhere between 15 – 30 days depending on the product.



Our products are made of high quality and fine craftsmanship, hence we provide care information to maintain your Zeeya Luxury Jewellery.

Guidelines about the care and maintenance is provided with each of our product.

  • Keep your jewellery tarnish free by keeping it dry and storing them in airtight ziplock plastic bags.
  • Keep your jewellery away from chemicals, water, perfume, oil, lotion or any other liquids.
  • You can clean your Jewellery with a soft dry cloth.